The Units

Below is a list of the many American and British units which I have documented evidence showing they were stationed or passed through Birch Airfield. If you know of any others or have further details please let me know.


924th Aviation Engineer Regiment

925th Aviation Engineer Regiment

358th General Service Regiment

356th General Service Regiment

364 Engineer General Service Regiment

843rd Aviation Engineer Battalion

846th Aviation Engineer Battalion

852nd Aviation Engineer Battalion

862nd Aviation Engineer Battalion

825th Aviation Engineer Battalion

832nd Aviation Engineer Battalion

840th Aviation Engineer Battalion

861st Aviation Engineer Battalion

30th Service Group

41 Signal Construction Battalion

448 Anti Aircraft Artillery AW Battalion

356th Engineer General Service

875 Ordnance Heavy Auto Maintenance

308th Station Complement Squadron

494th Service Squadron

2196th Quartermaster Company

1078th Quartermaster Company

2207th Quartermaster Company

3214/3215 Quartermaster Company

561 Quartermaster Battalion

1569th Ordnance S and M Co

1106 Signal Company (Service Group) (Less Det) 149 NY IX AFSC

315th Station Compliment Sq

20th Depot Sq

410th Bomb Grp

644th Bomb Sq

645th Bomb Sq

646th Bomb Sq

647th Bomb Sq


5355 AC Wing

5009 Airfield Construction Squadron

5017 Airfield Construction Squadron

5002 Airfield Construction Squadron

5205 Plant Sq

437 Sq RCAF

233 Sq

48 Sq

2nd Ox and Bucks Light Infantry

1st Royal Ulster Rifles